World of Shana

Bold and Provocative, Traditional and Timeless

Shana Gulati, a resident of New York City, is a designer of artisanal jewelry. Carved with stellar workmanship, each of her pieces is unique and handcrafted, and attempts to find a balance between traditional and modern design philosophies.

All products are manufactured in India which is a hotbed of brilliant traditional artisans whose workmanship is unmatched. On one hand, Shana’s jewelry reflects her influences and exploration as a modern designer while on the other, each piece is a time capsule that stores a rich legacy of folklore, tradition and skill.

At present, Shana uses silver and gold as base metals along with various semi-precious and precious stones and slices of uncut raw diamonds set into a colored wax base. Her jewelry comes together seamlessly in both 18K vermeil gold and oxidized gunmetal.