Why We Adore Upcycled Diamonds: Our Guide All About Repurposed Diamonds

Why We Adore Upcycled Diamonds: Our Guide All About Repurposed Diamonds

Upcycled diamonds are making a brilliant comeback, and with good reason: they’re timeless, elegant, rare, and far more sustainable than new diamonds—making them a universally loved source of adornment for modern-day jewelry lovers and designers from around the world.

What Are Upcycled Diamonds & How Are They Sourced?

Also known as reclaimed diamonds, upcycled diamonds are repurposed instead of newly mined. Rare and ravishing, these classic treasures are revamped by recutting and repolishing the stone and come in a multitude of cuts from antique to modern. They are sourced from diamonds that were once extracted from the earth, used in a jewelry setting, owned, then placed back into the diamond supply chain, which means the root origins of a repurposed diamond are essentially impossible to trace. So in many ways, recycled diamonds are living their second life on earth. 

Are Upcycled Diamonds More Sustainable?

Eco-friendly, upcycled diamonds cause virtually zero impact on the environment and surrounding communities. It’s an open secret that the diamond mining industry is unsustainable by design. Especially because the main goal for most diamond mining operations is to over-extract the best quality gems at the lowest cost possible, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, this approach has facilitated over a century of widespread conflict mining within the industry—causing major devastation to the earth. 

Additionally, diamond mining has also often been a key factor in driving violent civil conflict amongst vulnerable populations where the world’s most precious and valuable gems are sourced. On the contrary, an upcycled diamond possesses the same magnificent shine without further contributing to the controversial practice of diamond mining. 

Why We Adore Upcycled Diamonds

Plus, for us, there’s just something so smart and sacred about the tradition of breathing new life into diamonds through the sustainable art of upcycling. Particularly because diamonds are one of the strongest and hardest naturally occurring substances on the planet. This is why they are such an ideal material for repurposing since they can be reused without traces of wear and tear, unlike other softer minerals. 

Also, for the most part, recycled diamonds are just as valuable as new diamonds, because they were originally sourced from a mine—making them a precious and finite resource; so their value stays relatively the same, new or recycled. At Shana Gulati Jewelry, all of the brilliant diamonds in our pieces are made of authentic and eco-friendly upcycled diamonds. Our founder/chief designer, Shana, intentionally uses repurposed diamonds to create exquisitely-crafted and ethically-sourced jewelry designed to adorn the mind, body, and soul in honor of our beautiful, bountiful earth. Using contemporary and traditional designs, inspired by her native India and hometown of New York City, Shana imbues recycled diamonds with quality materials, and authentic workmanship to forge timeless, elegant jewelry made with a unique combination of style, artistry, and spirit. 

Each piece is handmade in Jaipur, India, set in sterling silver, and tested to be cadmium-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. Pieces in gold are gold vermeil, a process where a thick coating of gold is applied to sterling silver. This process allows pure metals to be melded together, without nickel or other inferior metal alloys.

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