Made to Order Jewelry

Perfectly Imperfect + Made Just for You

Every piece in our custom made to order collection is patiently and lovingly hand-crafted by a small and tightly-knit team of kaarigars (artisans) in our studio in Jaipur, India.

Please understand that authentically handmade goods are never ‘perfect’ in the way assembly-line items made by machines are. As such, no two genuine hand-crafted pieces made by us will ever be exactly alike—each varies subtly in terms of color, stone shape, resin texture, polish and metal finish.

These ‘flaws’ are not flaws but rather perfectly, imperfect features that make each piece so distinctive, beautiful and unique. I like to think that my pieces have a story to tell. Like time capsules that store a rich legacy of Indian artisanal workmanship, and carry within them a certain kind of intent, thought and feeling—mine and of the kaarigar’s.

With time, I have slowly come to understand, respect and deeply love the delicate balance of this intricate romance that has become my life’s work.


Handcrafting jewelry demands a lot of time and attention but as you are aware, the result is totally worth the wait! Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as each piece is handcrafted in India. We try to ship all orders as soon as possible but it may take longer depending on the complexity of the design, availability of raw material and the nature of customizations (if any).

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