Jewelry Trends for 2023

Jewelry Trends for 2023

These days Gen Z is leading the charge across social platforms, keeping the masses up to date with constantly changing fashion and beauty trends. With that, 2023 is shaping up to be a distinctive year across the fashion, jewelry, and beauty spheres. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and out of touch with what is “in,” rest assured that Shana Gulati Jewelry is designed to stand the test of time, no matter what is trending at the moment. However, we’ve got a few options from our collections that compliment today’s hottest jewelry looks…

Minimalistic Moments

The votes are in, less is more in 2023. For those who have limited time to dress up, this trend is a dream come true. This year we are dressing down while we dress up by making the most of one or two pieces of jewelry. Check out some of our favorites as you explore simplicity.

Hapur Hoops Gold


Whether you wear them with casual jeans, a formal dress, flouncy shorts or a tailored suit - there is no way you can go wrong with these classic, versatile, diamond and gold hoop earrings. The line of mosaic, uncut gems dangle from your ears, glittering as you move, highlighting your confidence and style. (Available in two sizes and multiple colors!)

Geluk Bangle

Slip on the Geluk Bangle for an adornment that won't leave you wanting. This elegant piece is an exquisite demonstration of fine Indian craftsmanship. An eye-catching piece, the Geluk single-handedly complements any outfit and can be worn throughout the day.

Classy Cocktail Rings

Speaking of minimalism, statement cocktail rings are all the rage these days. If you don’t feel like slipping on five different accessories, a classy cocktail ring will do just fine. Read on…

Csaz Ring Gold

The Csaz Ring is an astonishing piece and a true stand alone accessory. This brilliant concoction of rainbow hues creates a dazzling ring, adorned with emeralds, blue sapphires, and green sapphires.

Furaha Ring

Experience the visual feast within the geometric layers of the Furaha Ring. This one-of-a-kind accessory is standalone perfection.

Come to the Dark Side

This year, BLACK diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Channel your high school emo phase with some dark-toned accessories this year, thanks to yours truly.

Akola Earring Oxidized

You’ll be looking sharp when you adorn your ears with the Akola earrings. These geometric masterpieces feature an iridescent labradorite stone poised above the dazzling diamond display.

Enkel Studs Black Diamonds

The triangle represents the merging of the spiritual and tangible. Here, the piercing black diamonds of the Enkel Studs boldly accentuate the angular lines of the triangle, taking your style to another realm.

Bold Bangles

Once again, we’re calling upon minimalism to help emphasize standalone, statement pieces. Bold bangles take away the guesswork when it comes to accessories, while effortlessly directing everyone’s gaze to your shiny wrist candy. 

Rahisi Bangle

With its vivid purple amethysts and bright yellow sapphires, the Rahisi Bangle adds a satisfying lift to any look. Pair with the Rahisi Earrings for the ultimate effect.

Monshar Bangle Gold

This brilliant piece is truly a show stopping, one-of-a-kind accessory. We understood the assignment when it comes to bold bangles that hold their own, no matter the occasion. Accented with labradorite and framed with stunning champagne diamonds, the Monshar Bangle makes it impossible for the average onlooker to break their gaze. 

Rainbow Magic

Childlike themes and multi-hued accessories are among the 2023 jewelry trends. If you tend to stick to one color when stylizing, maybe now is the time to go beyond your comfort zone. Check out these magical rainbow-colored pieces from Shana Gulati Jewelry.

Rishi Bolt Rainbow

Strike up courage, elegance, and charm in this dazzling lightning bolt necklace—inspired by Shana’s fearless, spirited, and kind-hearted 8-year-old niece Rishi. With one jagged edge outlined by ruby, emerald, and colorful sapphires and the lightning bolt inlaid with shiny raw uncut diamonds, this effortless power pendant paints a pretty picture.

Daniela Ring Rainbow

Ravishing and radiant yet sophisticated and refined, this gorgeous ring makes the perfect subtle statement with a shimmering triangle of sliced raw uncut diamonds at the center, and a vibrant trim of Emerald, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, and Pink Sapphire, framed in gold vermeil.