Dress Up for Gala Season With Shana Gulati's Latest Collection

Dress Up for Gala Season With Shana Gulati's Latest Collection

This just in - Diamond mosaics are IN this gala season.

Gala season isn’t a time to hold back, and we certainly have no intention of playing it safe with style this year. Show up to your next charity ball or school fundraiser with fierceness when you wear a piece from Shana Gulati Jewelry’s latest collection. With its bold lines, eye-catching colors, and fierce angles, the Saral Collection speaks volumes in just a few words. 

This myriad of geometric designs effortlessly weaves spiritual symbolism into an “oh so modern” look. Its simplistic nature creates space for your inner self to shine through. We’ve selected a few particular favorites from the Saral Collection that we think will help you bring out your best self as you give in to the glam this gala season. Be warned: the world isn't ready for all this bling...

Give Gala Season Your Best With This Collection


There's nothing quite like the Rahisi Necklace. Prepare to turn heads when you don this fiery piece that simply oozes gala energy. Fierce diamond-studded gold triangles adorn each end of this Shana Gulati original, creating a perfect balance to a show-stopping look. Pair with a strapless dress to give this necklace room to shine. 


Fierce is an understatement when you wear the Rahisi Earrings. These double triangles embody the significance of spirituality with the edginess of modern fashion. The Rahisi Earrings are available in champagne diamonds for a full-bodied wardrobe finish, or in tsavorite for a sultry splash of green. We recommend pairing these earrings with the Rahisi Rings to complete the ensemble. 


Slip the Rahisi Ring (or two) on your finger and start manifesting a higher reality. You might find yourself flashing your well-manicured hands every chance you get as you mingle over hors d'oeuvres late into the night. This subtly significant accessory steals the show every time, with its bold mosaic of diamonds and yellow and green sapphires. Pair with a bold French mani and explore stacking these beauties. 


Clink your champagne glasses and let this wrist adornment do the talking. With its vivid purple amethysts and bright yellow sapphires, the Rahisi Bangle adds a satisfying lift to any look. Its tasteful color palette heightens any wardrobe selection, from your favorite chic black dress to an evening gown. Pair with the Rahisi Earrings for the ultimate gala statement.


A delightful addition to your gala lineup, the Ohie Earrings are simply mesmerizing. Gaze into glimmering pools of possibility when you slip on the Ohie Earrings and prepare to wow your onlookers. Suspended from mystical moonstones, these gold oval frames contain layers of champagne diamonds and white diamonds, creating a look all their own. Wear with a dark-colored dress for an ultra-emboldened look.