Death & Rebirth: Contemporary Jewelry With a Spiritual Significance

Death & Rebirth: Contemporary Jewelry With a Spiritual Significance

Unique and proudly handcrafted in her homeland of India, Shana’s pieces are both one-of-a-kind and sustainable. A lawyer-turned-creator, Shana found her true calling by sustainably creating jewelry from upcycled gems. She hones her craft by refining the delicate process of repurposing once-discarded materials into something entirely new. She is dedicated to creating exquisitely crafted and ethically sourced jewelry that compliments your self-expression and speaks to your soul. Each piece is created in Jaipur, a nod to Shana’s heritage, and utilizes centuries-old techniques to create one-of-a-kind contemporary accessories. 

From Humble Beginnings

Suspended between two worlds, Shana draws inspiration from both New York City, her current residence, and India, her native land. In her new coffee table memoir, Shana writes,

“Our parents left everything they knew to move to a foreign land that they had little to no understanding of.”

She shares how her parents did this all for their children. Their hard work and continuous efforts were so Shana and her brother could have the chance at a better life. It is within this space of reverence that Shana finds the dedication and drive to pursue her own dreams. 

Our Process

Jewelry and adornments are intimately woven into Indian history and culture. Regardless of social class, the country is known for its abundance of fine clothing and delicate jewels. Proudly handcrafted in Jaipur, Shana’s jewelry is created using centuries-old tradition and is designed to last. Here, she enlists a small, close-knit team of kaarigars (artisans) in order to sustainable gemstones through seasoned craftsmanship. This one-of-a-kind process uses authentic, recycled diamonds, ensuring that every piece is a true original. 

From Discarded to Desirable: Our Diamond Mosaics

The modern consumer is making an intentional shift to support more sustainable brands. Consequently, upcycled diamonds have seen a significant comeback in recent years. Also known as “reclaimed diamonds,” these gems are given a second chance at life through careful craftsmanship. Diamonds are the world’s hardest natural substance and can be used over and over without any wear. Upcycled diamonds are repurposed, meaning they are not sourced through mining. 

 For us, there’s something so brilliant and sacred about the practice of breathing new life into diamonds through the sustainable art of upcycling.

This ethical and renewable process leaves little to no impact on the environment. Our process takes once-discarded materials and repurposes them into something entirely unique. Additionally, Shana's product packaging is eco-friendly, created from a combination of recycled cardboard and cotton recycled handmade paper.

Death & Rebirth

The concept of rebirth is close to Shana’s heart. Hindu beliefs impart that life is comprised of continual cycles of death and rebirth. Both halves are necessary in order to have a full journey of life. This is eloquently embodied within the myriad of designs in Shana’s collections. From “little black dress worthy” to “night on the town sexy,” Shana’s signature diamond mosaics are easy to fall in love with and serve as a reminder that beauty can very often be reborn.