Commit 2 Change

Did you know that 130 millions girls around the world are not in school? Extreme hardships such as poverty, early marriage, and gender inequality force millions of girls to leave school far too young, making them more vulnerable to significant health risks and tragedies including trafficking, early childbirth, and HIV/AIDS.
At Shana Gulati Jewelry, we believe that every girl has a right not a privilege to an education. In Shana’s own life, she loves how her many nieces Rishi, Jemma, Kaiya, Leena, Meena, Maya, Malina, Ariana, Layla, and Mia are all empowered by the knowledge gained through their education. She describes it as, “It's this undeniable sense of ‘I can do it. I can do anything because I have the tools.’” Each of her nieces are gifted in their own unique way and the schooling they have access to allows them to flourish. For Shana, spending time with each of her nieces is magical because their enthusiasm and exuberance from what they learned in school simply shines through.

That’s why we are proud to partner with Commit 2 Change (C2C). Commit 2 Change was founded on the belief that girls have the ability to take control of their lives and create positive change in their communities when empowered with the proper educational tools and support.

Secondary education gives the power back to the girls. It grants them the ability to choose their own path and enables them to aid their families financially. C2C provides programs tailored towards the needs of these girls to achieve intermediate outcomes that empower girls with choice and self-confidence. These programs include Adaptive Education Programs, Digital Technology Education, Tutoring, Peer to Peer Mentorship and Mental Wellness Programs. Ultimately, these programs support our long-term vision of transforming the lives of vulnerable girls and starting a forward-moving cycle of empowerment for all girls in the communities we serve.

By shopping at Shana Gulati Jewelry, you help support the Commit 2 Change mission. We are committed to donating a percentage of our profits towards implementing systemic change in India and South Asia.