Our 18k gold vermeil necklaces embody timeless charm. Meticulously crafted by our karigars in Jaipur, India, these necklaces fit every style and occasion. All jewelry is made from upcycled diamonds, given new life by expert craftsmen. Elevate your style with shimmering gold vermeil necklaces today.
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Why Choose Gold Vermeil?

Our skilled craftsmen have perfected the vermeil process, creating 18k gold vermeil jewelry that rivals the brilliance and longevity of solid gold. Each necklace is carefully handmade by skilled artisans, ensuring impeccable quality and consistent attention to detail.

Our mission is to make sustainable fine jewelry accessible. We’ve redefined what luxury means in the modern era, combining sustainability and quality in every piece.

Are gold vermeil necklaces good quality?

Gold vermeil is composed of a thick layer of genuine gold onto a sterling silver base, resulting in a brilliant finish that resembles solid gold. Our necklaces have a lustrous appearance and maintain sterling silver’s durability and strength.

We use top-shelf materials in making our gold vermeil necklaces, ensuring that they stand the test of time without fading or chipping. This dedication to excellence extends beyond our vermeil process and applies to our gem sourcing and mosaic creation as well.

Which is better, gold plated or vermeil necklaces?

Regular gold plating can result in scraping or chipping, making the piece look ultimately low quality. In contrast, gold vermeil typically employs a gold coating 5 times as thick as that of gold plating. The thickness of gold vermeil provides a brilliant sheen akin to solid gold, lasting much longer than gold plating. The sterling silver center ensures a strong base, giving the entire product a sturdy composition.

To sum it up, gold plated necklaces may be a more budget-friendly option, but gold vermeil necklaces offer longevity that gold plating does not.

Is vermeil gold expensive?

Gold vermeil necklaces emulate luxury without the steep cost.

 They provide a middle ground between solid gold and gold plating, both affordable and durable.

How to clean my gold vermeil necklace?

Keep dry. Wipe gently with a soft, non-abrasive soft cloth or jewelry cloth. Do not apply abrasive pads or cleaners.

How long will gold vermeil last?

With proper maintenance, gold vermeil necklaces retain their beauty over time, lasting years and earning their spots as staple pieces in your wardrobe.