When Shana went to India to begin her new jewelry venture, she traveled with an heirloom necklace gifted by her mother that first belonged to her grandmother, Veera Bai Gulati. When Shana struggled to launch her business, she decided to sell the necklace, knowing that her grandmother would understand her need at the time. 

Though Shana had made her peace with the decision, the intricate necklace had been very special, not only in meaning to her but also because of its unique making. The necklace showcased beautiful Rawa jewelry work, a time-consuming and expensive 5,000 year old technique that historians trace back to early Mesopotamia. The process involves covering the surface of the jewelry material with tiny, spherical granules of precious and semi-precious metal.  

Shana has specifically used this Rawa technique in the Veera Collection to honor both, the necklace that helped her get started and the woman who originally owned the beautiful piece. The Veera Collection, in fact, is a tribute to the spirit of womanhood and each piece has been named after amazing women from around the world whose contributions have left indelible marks on the pages of history.       

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