Jewelry Handcrafted and from the Heart

Jewelry Handcrafted and from the Heart

“No two leaves were alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches on which they grow.” 

Mahatma Gandhi 

There are many viable reasons as to why handcrafted artisan jewelry is the ideal accessory choice. For one, you can feel good about supporting individual artists and owning ethically sourced gemstones. Perhaps the most notable draw is the fact that there are no duplicates within this custom jewelry making process. Beauty lies within the unique, and we embody that mantra here at Shana Gulati Jewelry. 

Our artisan process is certainly noteworthy and highly sought after among fine jewelry connoisseurs.

Here there is no factory conveyor belt or repetitive mold that is stamped on every piece. Rather, Shana Gulati’s vision involves a small, close-knit team of kaarigars (artisans) who work together to bring her creative designs to life. This collaborative endeavor ensures that every handcrafted ornament receives delicate care and excellent attention to detail. The kaarigars here in Jaipur, India are exceptionally skilled in their art of custom jewelry creation. 

India is no stranger to lavish jewelry and adornments.

The country’s culture has long emphasized wearing fine clothing and gems, no matter the social class. These centuries-old Indian jewelry craftsmanship methods are still seen in kaarigars’ work today. One particular style is known as Kundan setting, and it involves laying gemstones directly into enamelled surfaces, typically within pure 24-carat gold (Kundan). Our kaarigars utilize similar methods when bonding pieces like the authentic upcycled diamond mosaics. Comparable to the jewelry created long before our time, these handset pieces are designed to last. 

When you order a piece of jewelry from Shana, you can expect both a well-crafted and one of a kind creation.

Each piece has a beautiful story to share: a rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship and the magic of the individual creator. The variance within each stone shape, hue, resin texture, and metal finish makes the unboxing extra special when you receive your order. Rest assured that nobody in the world has the exact same necklace, earrings, ring, or bracelet as you. 

Like the leaves in the autumn or the moon’s transitional phases, we believe that life is fluid and ever-changing. It is only fair that our jewelry represents the brilliance and rare essence of each moment. Each item is patiently and carefully crafted to completion here in Jaipur with the intention of eventually belonging to a unique human. If you find one of our pieces in your possession, marvel over the stories contained within the resin-clad gemstones and the loving hands that so delicately designed it.