Making the Switch to Ethically Sourced & Sustainably Sourced Jewelry

Making the Switch to Ethically Sourced & Sustainably Sourced Jewelry

Today's consumer understands that our collective spending habits have a global influence. The unsavory truth is that many worldwide markets perpetuate unsafe and unjust practices, leaving the artisans, traders, and laborers taken advantage of. Shoppers can now enjoy elegant jewelry pieces without negatively impacting 

those who created them. We at Shana Gulati Jewelry are a part of this exciting movement. 

Sustainably sourced jewelry has virtually no negative consequences on the surrounding environment. Using recycled materials, sustainable jewelry brands produce authentically unique products without unnecessary pollution. It’s an exciting process worth endorsing and supporting. 

Ethically Sourced vs. Sustainably Sourced 

Ethically sourced jewelry means that everyone involved was paid fair wages in safe and humane working conditions. Ethical workplace practices aren’t gauranteed in many countries where jewelry mining occurs. 

Sustainability questions how eco-friendly materials like diamonds, gold, silver, and jewels are. Are any pieces recycled? Does the seller respect green business practices? 

The Beauty of Upcycled Diamonds 

Upcycling, or repurposing something into a product of higher value, is on the rise. It's a sustainable way to give diamonds a second chance to showcase their elegance. Recycled diamonds don't lose any of their value or quality. If anything, their sustainability gives them a deeper beauty. 

Death & Rebirth 

In Hindu culture, humans exist in a continuous process of birth, death, and rebirth. Our spiritual development delivers us into new bodies, born again. 

This belief system gives new meaning to ethically-sourced minerals. Upcycled jewelry, breathes new life into treasured precious gems. Diamonds are strong enough to be recycled and repurposed, making them the perfect mineral for this process. To us, giving new life to something as special as a diamond is beautiful in and of itself.

Supporting Artisans 

We use traditional techniques from India's century-old jewelry-making practices to design fine, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Using upcycled diamonds ensures that no one and no place was exploited or harmed in the process. Because all of our pieces are handled with the closest attention to detail, our artisans take pride that they created something completely unique - one of a kind. 

Why make the switch to sustainable jewelry? 

Making the switch from fast fashion to sustainable products means you can be proud of your jewelry for more than its shine. Take pride in where your jewelry comes from without sacrificing quality or luxury style. 

Lower your environmental impact 

Each piece of jewelry is handled by many hands, from sourcing to procurement to shipping. Traditionally, this process has far-reaching impacts on the surrounding communities and environment. The mining industry, in particular, is notorious for exploiting both the workers involved and the land that they mine from. 

Workers are often exploited, underpaid, and forced to toil in unsafe working conditions. Undesirable minerals leak into neighboring water supplies and contaminate the drinking water of local communities. We are often so removed from the heart of the problem - but now we know and can do better together. 

Support Artisan Brands 

Handcrafted sustainable jewelry requires extra time to procure and restore recycled materials. Artisans spend hours perfecting each design with meticulous care. Shopping ethically lets you support artists in a developing country to achieve improved autonomy and wages. Wear precious, glamorous gold jewelry without negatively impacting our planet and its people. 

Fair Trade is the Future 

Fair trade changes lives by giving underprivileged communities a chance to better themselves and invest in their communities. It promotes the idea that everyone, regardless of class, deserves to earn a livable wage without putting themselves in danger. Certain "fair trade certified" programs also guarantee that the workers as a collective group can invest the extra earned money into their community’s infrastructure.

You can commit to being a part of this righteous movement, where free-spirited artists are encouraged to recycle and upcycle. Giving them the challenge to create in a safe space results in distinctive products guaranteed to impress. 

Ethical Jewelry Brands: Shana Gulati Jewelry 

Shana Gulati created a luxury jewelry brand with higher standards. Every ring, necklace, bracelet, and set of earrings reflects the artistic magic of its maker and the inspiration of Shana's duality. Her pieces use recycled diamonds and gold vermeil gilding to produce stunning mosaic masterpieces. Each collection is inspired by a different aspect of Jaipur's spirit, from the pink magic in the Gulaabi collection to the joyful Khushee line dedicated to Shana's deep love of Jaipur. 

With all the allure of a fine jewelry brand and the values of a small business, Shana Gulati Jewelry puts a modern spin on Indian craftsmanship by creating sustainable luxury jewelry.


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