Your Zodiac Sign as a Shana Gulati Piece

Your Zodiac Sign as a Shana Gulati Piece

Like Shana Gulati’s jewelry, each zodiac sign is unique and embodies its own type of magic. Scroll to find which piece of Shana Gulati jewelry represents your sign and the special meaning behind it.


Furaha Pendant Mini

You were born to stand out and your accessories should reflect that. This piece is a step outside the norm with its vivid assortment of precious stones. The Furaha Pendant MINI defies the odds, and offers a mesmerizing visual experience with yellow and green sapphires and white diamonds in its midst. Stylish and fun - adding the final touch to your outfit is easily done with this popular gold and vivid pendant necklace.


Neart Studs

You go to great lengths to care for others, it's only fair that you care for yourself in the same way. The Neart studs are an abundantly brazen chromatic concoction unlike anything you’ve seen before. The subtle hint of blue ensures you’ll stay true to your natural element: water.


Chirala Earrings

Aries, make no apologies with these unconventional, conical gold earrings, gilded with diamonds, and crowned with smoky gray labradorite. Exude ferocity, passion, glamor, and that effortless charm in these eye-catching art deco-inspired earrings featuring a bold geometric design reminiscent of the iconic shape of a diamond.


Stesti Ring

Reliable and sensible, the Kontan Ring is a delightful piece for the feisty Taurean. Its embodiment of authentic, Jaipur craftsmanship is evident as you gaze at its sparkling diamond design and it serves as the perfect reminder of the fixed stance from where you see the world.


Tiid Pendant

From ever-changing hobbies to eclectic friend groups, Geminis seem to do it all. The ability to balance seemingly opposite experiences is difficult for most, except for the adaptable Gemini. The Tiid Pennant encompasses this visceral experience of varietal moments in time intertwining, its champagne diamond pendant effortlessly connecting to a diamond sphere.


Gyali Earrings

The circular connection and powerful protection of the Gyali Earrings effortlessly embody the soft, caring nature of the Cancer. The straight edges of the dark rectangles within sit in stark contrast to the softness of the surrounding circle, serving as a perfect representation of Cancer’s expansive emotional depths.


Lokkich Bangle

Let's raise the bar, literally. You were born to stand out and the Lokkich Bangle is just the eye candy you need to do just that. A brilliantly bold diamond mosaic, the Lokkich Bangle is a true statement piece. This bracelet is sure to "oh, so effortlessly" beckon the attention of onlookers with just a flick of the wrist, as you so naturally do. This irresistibly satisfying piece boldly blends the unforgettable hues of the labradorite stone and champagne diamonds, offering an accessory that shines almost as brightly as you.


Ajmer Ring

Even the practical, put-together Virgo needs a little bling in their life. Resplendent, confident, sophisticated, the Ajmer Ring exudes glamor, charm and just the right amount of frivolity, in true Virgo fashion. Make a bold statement in this exquisite and chic 18k gold diamond mosaic ring, expertly framed with a thin line of champagne diamonds. One of our best-sellers, the Ajmer Ring can be worn on any occasion, day or night.


Zeit Earrings

It’s no secret that Libras are the epitome of luxury. You seem to have a knack for the trendy and aesthetic. The Zeit Earrings are a match made in heaven for the Libra’s high standards. Get lost in the glimmer of the Zeit Earrings, with its astonishing display of diamonds, black diamonds, and crowned with a mystical moonstone.


Rahisi Necklace

With wits as sharp as the scorpion’s tail and loyalty just as strong, the Scorpio’s accessories have a lot to live up to. Fortunately, there's nothing quite like the Rahisi Necklace. These fierce diamond-studded gold triangles adorn each end of this Shana Gulati original, and wearers can choose between designs in champagne diamonds or purple amethyst.


Enkel Necklace

The sparkling Sagittarius deserves an accessory just as free and vivacious as themselves. The Enkel Necklace perfectly balances the fiery Sag’s optimism and spontaneity. You've just found the piece to bring your outfit together. This necklace is a true sensation - containing mystery and magic within its midst. Dress up or dress down but don’t hesitate in wearing this beautiful necklace!


Timi Earrings

Dear Capricorn, take a moment to rest and enjoy all you’ve accomplished. You deserve a reward for all of your hard work. The Timi Earrings match your unique and ambitious nature with ease, creating the perfect framework for its intense black onyx stud. Black onyx is a powerful stone and serves to quell any negative energies nearby.