Jewelry Classics: Timeless Jewelry That Every Woman Should Own

Jewelry Classics: Timeless Jewelry That Every Woman Should Own

When building a wardrobe, start with the basics - timeless, versatile pieces you can go to regardless of what's trending. The longstanding secret weapon of fashion enthusiasts, jewelry has the power to transform an outfit into an effortlessly stylish look.

In the fast-paced world we live in, adaptable jewelry is the key to putting complete ensembles together. Relying on day-to-day, versatile jewelry pieces is a wise approach while you build your wardrobe into something personalized.

Join us as we present the must-have accessories that will open doors to endless style possibilities. 

When Buying Jewelry Essentials

A day spent buying new jewelry is a special one, whether for yourself or as a gift. If done right, it sparks joy to shop for pieces that will become the backbones of your jewelry game. Taking a moment to consider going classic, not flashy or trendy, will help your style in the long run.

This ensures your investment will stand the test of time, sure to become a precious heirloom, a simple yet elegant piece that makes sense to you and will never go out of style. You'll wear it with any outfit, for any occasion. Classic means versatile, always up-to-date, and timeless. Chosen with care, it will be as special as a treasure, but as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. 

1. A Gold Chain Necklace

A perfect place to start as you build a classic jewelry collection is the simple gold chain necklace. Not only does it elevate any outfit, but a classic gold chain also says timeless, says versatile, and says chic. You can wear it with everything - at the beach, out to dinner, or to the office. Choose a chain that blends classic style; because of coating options like plating and gold vermeil, gold comes at every price point. You could, and should wear a gold chain necklace as a standard fashion staple. 

2. A Simple Pendant Necklace


Unique. One of a kind. Attention-grabbing. A pendant necklace could be a vintage locket, treasured trinket, or represent meaningful sentiments of love, memories, pride, heritage, or hope. This essential upgrade elevates the classic chain into the realm of distinctive style. Experiment with necklace layering to complete the look.

3. Stackable Rings

Don't skip wearing ring stacks to upgrade a simple outfit and look more intentional and fashionable. Mix and match textures, shapes, and sizes. Stack various metals and gems. Choose a stone and design that tells your story, that represents a memory or milestone. Ring stacks are an easy way to put a personal touch on a classic style.

4. The Perfect Hoops

Nothing says iconic jewelry like the perfect hoop earring, They can be fun, flirty, or eye-catching. They can be dainty, simple, or feminine. The perfect hoop is big and bold, or tiny and delicate. Dress them up or down, a classic hoop earring is a must as you perfect your jewelry styling identity.

5. Bangles

Add motion and shimmer to your look by including bangles in your collection. These traditional circular bracelet can be worn alone for a minimalistic style or paired together for a jingling joy. Combine them with a watch, charm bracelet, or cuff. Whether worn on one wrist or both, bangles are a simple way to complete a look.

6. Go-To Stud Earrings

Every wardrobe absolutely must contain a great pair of go-to studs. You choose the shape, the gem, and the composition, but these simple, minimalistic classic earrings show you are self-aware and "get" the impact you're making.

7. Pearl Strand Necklace

Pearls might just be the preeminent style choice to evoke nostalgia and antiquity. Throughout the centuries, pearls have been showcased in jewelry to signify love, luck, and purity. They are referred to as the tears of God. Choosing a pearl strand necklace effortlessly imparts a curious mix of luxury with classic. These luminous gems showcased in a classic strand are sure to be cherished. Pair with other vintage jewelry, jeans and a tee, or your most elegant gown. 

8. A Silver Watch

Adding a silver watch to your growing collection allows for function and a bit of seriousness. Sometimes chunky, sometimes sleek and slim, watches add polish and professionalism to even a simple outfit. Sure to elevate your look, watches are a versatile must-have.

9. Diamond Accents

Girl's best friend? Absolutely. When it's the right time, start adding diamonds to your growing collection. Other gems can be tricky to match, but diamonds easily mix in with other pieces to glamorize your look. A diamond earring, necklace, or ring matches everything and will make you shine.

10. Colored Gems

Once you have some foundational pieces in your collection, incorporating colored gems can set you apart. Go for your birthstone, your eye color, meaningful Indian gems, or whatever color you gravitate toward the most. These vibrant jewels add playfulness and attract glances. The colors will enhance your existing pieces, bringing out the blue iridescent color within diamonds and yellowish-browns of gold jewelry.

Tips for Buying Iconic Jewellery

Let's be real. It's easy to get pulled in by the shiny trendy jewelry pieces showcased front and center in jewelry cases. But there are a few things to remember as you shop if your goal is to assemble a timeless, stylish classic jewelry collection.

Remember the essentials: the gold chain, studs, bangles, hoops, and stacked rings. Consider the design, the style, and the materials used. Is it long-lasting? Does it stand alone? Will these necklaces layer well? Can this complement my other rings?

Effortless style starts with simple selections. Yes, mix metals, but employ balance. You'll learn more about combining iconic jewelry pieces as your own collection grows. 

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Drawing inspiration from the Hindu belief in death and rebirth, Shana creatively repurposes discarded jewels to fashion sustainable, upcycled jewelry. This approach mirrors the eternal cycle of life, granting precious gems a renewed opportunity to radiate their brilliance.

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