Accessorizing with Jewelry: Styling Tips

Accessorizing with Jewelry: Styling Tips

How to Wear Jewelry Like the Best: Jewelry Styling Tips from the SG Team

If you ever find yourself wearing the same jewelry combinations every day or feeling lost when it's time to accessorize an outfit, you aren't alone. Styling an outfit isn't as effortless as a final ensemble may suggest, and we don't blame you for getting overwhelmed with a collection of seemingly infinite bracelets, rings, or necklaces.

Jewelry is an outlet for expressing style and personality beyond the wardrobe. Without an intrinsic "eye" or a few basic fashion principles to follow, it can be tricky to know how to accessorize effectively.

Follow these expert styling tips to help you get the most out of your jewelry collection:

1. Gold, Silver, Bronze...To Mix or Not to Mix?

A simple way to narrow down your selection when pairing jewelry pieces is by choosing a metal and sticking with it. Based on the outfit, will gold, metal, silver, rose gold, or bronze look best? Do your purse, belt, or shoes have metal links? When wearing multiple pieces, most people stick to one metal family to ensure cohesion and simplicity.

A different point of view when styling jewelry is that mixing metals creates a more sophisticated look; some rules were meant to be broken. If you choose to go this route, remember to stay intentional with your pairings. Create a gold ring stack with one silver band in the middle. Layer two white gold necklaces with a single, thin gold chain in the middle row. 

Gold Spotlight: 3 Gold Pieces That Go With Any Outfit

• Rumeli Gold Pendant


Gold pendant necklace


• Raw Uncut Ring


rose-colored raindrop ring


• Hapur Bangle Clasp


Vermeil jewelry hypoallergenic bangle


Pro tip: Exercise the proper jewelry care to ensure your collection serves you as long as possible.

2. Consider the Occasion

The occasion you're dressing for will dictate how you approach jewelry styling. If you're going to a formal event, you'll want to choose more elegant jewelry classic like pearls, diamonds, or large pendant necklaces. If you're dressing for a casual occasion, you can get away with wearing more fun and funky pieces that showcase your individuality. Here are a few practical examples: 

Job Interview:

You always want to make a strong and positive impression on your potential employer. For business casual settings, studs or small dangle earrings say "tidy and professional." Small rings and necklace stacks of simple strands work well, or consider wearing one, stand-alone necklace that's a bit more statement-making.

Wedding Guest:

As a wedding guest, the goal isn't to steal everyone's attention but to show the future couple that you value their celebration enough to look your absolute best. If you want to look classy, tasteful, and chic, wearing simple yet formal jewelry is the way to achieve that. 

Dresses with high necklines should be paired with dangle or statement earrings and hand jewelry. Low necklines look stunning with pendant necklaces and a fine hoop. Consider a necklace or ring stack that accentuates your attire without stealing the show.

Night Out:

Now's your chance to stand out and turn some heads. Break out your statement pieces and flashy trappings that make you feel like you. It's generally recommended to wear one statement piece at a time to avoid any clashing or distasteful combos.

3. Don't Overdo It

One of the biggest mistakes people make when accessorizing and styling jewelry is wearing too much jewelry. It's important to remember that less is often more. Combing too much jewelry takes away from the whole look and often gives a messy look to an outfit. 

4. Layering and Stacking

Layering jewelry is a stylish way to add visual appeal to your outfit. Layer necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to create a unique and intentional look. A general tip is to combine one bold piece with one simple one in each stack. So, you may combine a pendant necklace with a choker, a gold diamond ring with a simple band, or a custom-made bracelet with a thin bangle. 

5. Undertones and Bone Structure

Finding jewelry that compliments your unique features is critical to achieving a harmonious and balanced look. It's all about highlighting your best features and enhancing the clothes you wear.

Consider your skin tone. If you have warm undertones, such as golden or olive hues, opt for jewelry in earthy tones like gold, bronze, or copper. Cooler undertones, like pink or blue, pair well with silver, platinum, or white gold. This is by no means a rule book, just a few tips to get started if you're new to the jewelry game.

Next, take your face shape into account. Round faces tend to find balance with long earrings or drop necklaces to create a lengthening effect while curved or hoop earrings soften the angles of a heart-shaped face. 

6. Matching Jewelry to Your Outfit

The color and style of your jewelry should enhance and complement your outfit. If you're wearing a black dress, you might want to bring out your sparkly jewelry and bold pendants. If you're wearing a colorful outfit, wear small jewelry in similar colors or simple pieces that won't overwhelm your outfit.

7. Experiment

Consider the versatility of your jewelry. Look for pieces that can be worn in different ways or can be easily layered or stacked. This way, you can create various looks using the same set of jewelry. Don't shy away from experimenting with different textures. Pair smooth, polished jewelry with pieces featuring intricate detailing or textured surfaces for added visual interest.

The more you experiment, the better you'll get at accessorizing. Play with trends but don't chase them; true style is classic and remains despite the changing seasons.

Our Favorite Jewelry Pieces for Any Occasion

Looking for hand-made jewelry to start your collection? These Shana Gulati favorites combine sophistication and fashion and look stunning with numerous looks. As a sustainable jeweler, our pieces are hand-made by local artisans using traditional Indian jewelry-making techniques and upcycled diamonds. Choose from our selection of gold vermeil earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, or go for the gunmetal look with oxidized silver jewelry.

• Gisela Pendant - Gold

With pavé diamond and 18k gold vermeil, this gorgeous pendant necklace takes a modern spin on a centuries-old protective charm. Glamorous yet refined, this necklace pairs well with casual and formal attire.

18k gold vermeil necklace with diamond pendant

• Geluk Bangle

Simple, stylish, and stackable, the Geluk Bangle easily blends with any wardrobe. Its uncut diamonds in rose gold resin glimmer from a distance, elevating any bracelet stack to another level of charm. Bangles are the perfect way to add complexity and motion to a look.

diamonds in rose gold resin glimmer bangle

 • Latur Ring YGS

Chunky yet chic, this is the statement ring you didn't know you needed. Raw diamonds lay in a bed of silver resin finished off with a vermeil gold base; this ring has it all.

vermeil gold base ring with raw diamonds

• Hapur Hoops Gold

Timeless diamond hoops are a foolproof choice. The dangling mosaic line brings glamour to a classic hoop whether dressing for a casual day out or a formal event.

diamond hoops earrings

Remember These Tips

Now you know how to style jewelry like a pro. With these ideas, advice, and jewelry recommendations, you should be well-prepared to spruce up any outfit in your closet. We hope these styling tips help you accessorize with jewelry in a way that expresses your unique style.

Remember, have fun, and don't rush into the process! The more you play around, the more comfortable you'll get.